Cost-benefit analysis of measures to prevent the introduction of EM in Sweden

Authors: Sören Höjgård  Ulla Carlsson  Dan Christensson  Gunilla Hallgren  Marika Hjertqvist  Paul Torgersson  Ivar Vågsholm  Helene Wahlström  Anders Wallensten 

In connection with the Swedish government’s assignment (L2011/801), AgriFood Economics Centre was asked to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of measures to prevent the introduction the fox’s tape worm by the National Veterinary Institute. The analysis is included as attachment 12 in the report to the government from the national Board of Health and Welfare and the Swedish Board of Agriculture: Dvärgbandmask – liten folkhälsorisk men övervakning föreslås.

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Sören Höjgård

Ulla Carlsson

Dan Christensson

Gunilla Hallgren

Marika Hjertqvist

Paul Torgersson

Ivar Vågsholm

Helene Wahlström

Anders Wallensten