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Here we present AgriFood Economics' four areas of research.


The problems of the European fisheries policies are widely known to the public, politicians and researchers. The awareness of the problems in combination with reforms of the common fisheries policy opens up possibilities of effective change. This calls for clear objectives and effective instruments to reverse the process.

AgriFood is also engaged in analyzing fisheries, the departure point being that fishing is an economic activity where calculations of businesses are the determinants of the behavior of the fishery sector. This gives us an explanation of the current situation as well as the tools to guide us towards a solution. An economic starting point also makes it possible to analyze different effects of fishery management measures on fisheries; how is profitability affected, how are small-scale fisheries influenced, and how can we expect the fishing fleet to develop?

Although professional fisheries are central to the debate, it is important to look at fisheries as part of a larger system. Recreational fisheries and businesses based on recreational fishing have considerable economic value and fish stocks are a vital part of the ecological systems of the oceans.