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Here we present AgriFood Economics' four areas of research.


Since the food industry is one of the largest in Sweden and food products are an important part of everyone’s life, they are frequently debated in the media by politicians and the public. It is also an industry that is constantly changing, not least due to technological progress and the fact that it has become exposed to competition from the international market. Furthermore, it is closely related to agriculture and the retail sector, which makes it interesting to follow the whole chain from “farm to fork”. The development in one part of the chain affects the other parts since they are largely integrated.

AgriFood analyses several aspects of regulations related to food. Labeling requirements, competition within the retail sector, barriers to international trade and the demand for food safety are examples of factors that affect the competitive conditions of the Swedish food industry and the quality and prices demanded by consumers. The starting point is to problemize and illustrate the economic consequences of such measures, not just for Swedish consumers, businesses and agriculture but also for the rest of Swedish society and people in other countries.