Reports and Policy Briefs

AgriFood Reports and Policy Briefs are aimed at policy makers, government agencies and the interested public. AgriFood Policy Briefs are summaries (in Swedish) while Agrifood Reports are longer analyzes (mostly in Swedish but sometimes in English) which are also available in a printed format.

Scientific publications

Scientific publications (Working Papers and Published articles) are aimed primarily at a scientific audience.

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Publication name Authors
Structural Adjustment and Regulation of Nordic Fisheries until 2025, TemaNord 2018:547.
  • Max Nielsen
  • Staffan Waldo
  • Cecilia Hammarlund
  • Ayoe Hoff
  • Rasmus Nielsen
  • Peder Andersen
  • Daði Már Kristófersson
  • Hordur Sævaldsson
  • Jarno Virtanen
  • Jari Setälä
  • Kristin Roll
  • Frank Asche
  • Heri á Rógvi
  • Hans Ellefsen
Published article
The myth of the poor fisher: Evidence from the Nordic countries, Marine Policy 93, p. 186-194.
Published article
What’s in it for Africa? European Union fishing access agreements and fishery exports from developing countries, World Development 113, p. 172-185.
Published article
Passive farming and land development: A real options approach. Land Use Policy 80, p. 32-46.
AgriFood-WP 2018:4
Economic effects of reduced bottom trawling – the case of creel and trawl fishing for Nephrops in Sweden
Published article
Improving agricultural pollution abatement through result-based payment schemes. Land Use Policy 77: 209-219.
AgriFood-WP 2018:3
Coupled agricultural subsidies in the EU undermine climate efforts
Published article
A trip to reach the target? – The labor supply of Swedish Baltic cod fishermen, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics Volume 75, August 2018, Pages 1-11.
Published article
Does the current trade liberalization agenda contribute to greenhouse gas emission mitigation in agriculture? Food Policy, Volume 76, April 2018, pages 120-129.
  • Mihaly Himics
  • Thomas Fellmann
  • Jesús Barreiro-Hurlé
  • Heinz-Peter Witzke
  • Ignacio Pèrez Dominguez
  • Torbjörn Jansson
  • Franz Weiss
Agrifood-Policy Brief 2018:4
Side-effects of vessel scrapping in Sweden
AgriFood-WP 2018:2
Splitting the Price Effect of Private Labels – The Case of a Swedish Metropolitan Area
Other scientific publications
Food security in Europe, chapter in The European Union Facing the Challenges of Multiple Security Threats (editors A. Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, A. Michalski, N. Nilsson, and L. Oxelheim).
Published article
Fisheries management under nutrient influence: Cod fishery in the Western Baltic Sea, Fisheries Research, Volume 201, May 2018, Pages 109-119.
Published article
The perception of aquaculture on the Swedish West Coast, Ambio 2018, 47:398–409.
  • Jean-Baptiste E. Thomas
  • Jonas Nordström
  • Emma Risén
  • Maria E. Malmström
  • Fredrik Gröndahl
Collective Implementation of Ecological Focus Areas - Evaluation of the effects on ecosystem services, agriculture and administration, RAPPORT 6816.
  • Juliana Dänhardt
  • Lovisa Nilsson
  • Jordan Hristov
  • Johanna Alkan Olsson
  • Mark Brady
  • Peter Olsson
  • Henrik G Smith
  • Yann Clough
Published article
Explaining the Process for Conversion to Organic Dairy Farming in Sweden: An Alternative Modelling Approach, German Journal of Agricultural Economics 67, 14-30.
AgriFood-WP 2018:1
Rationalising inefficiency in agricultural production -the case of Swedish dairy production
Published article
Scrapping programmes and ITQs: Labour market outcomes and spill-over effects on non-targeted fisheries in Sweden
Published article
Cost of Illness for Five Major Foodborne Illnesses and Sequelae in Sweden. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy (2018)
Published article
Impact of a simultaneous reduction in fishing subsidies and introduction of efficient management of rents: The case of the Northwest Spanish fleet. Aquatic Living Resources 31:1-11.

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