Jonas Nordström, Associate Professor


Jonas Nordström has a PhD in economics from Umeå university. His research is mainly on environmental and health economics, sustainable consumption, and behavioral economics.

Nutrient policies and the performance of aquaculture in developed countries – a literature review, Aquaculture Economics and Management
The future of carbon labeling – Factors to consider, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review
In search of an appropriate mix of taxes and subsidies on nutrients and food: A modelling study of the effectiveness on health-related consumption and mortality, Social Science & Medicine
You Win Some, You Lose Some: Compensating the Loss of Green Space in Cities Considering Heterogeneous Population Characteristics, Land, 10(11), 1156
You win some, you lose some - compensating the loss of green space in cities taking heterogeneous population characteristics into consideration
Socioeconomic prospects of a seaweed bioeconomy in Sweden. Scientific reports 10, 1610 (2020)
The perception of aquaculture on the Swedish West Coast, Ambio 2018, 47:398–409.
Non-market values of algae beach-cast management - Study site Trelleborg, Sweden, Ocean & Coastal Management 140 (2017), s. 59-67
Some like it organic, some like it purple and some like it ancient: Consumer preferences and WTP for value-adding attributes in whole grain bread, Food Quality and Preference, 52, 244-254
Strategic self-ignorance, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 52(2), 117-136
Determinants of Food Demand and the Experienced Taste Effect of Healthy Labels - An experiment on potato chips and bread, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 56, 13-20
Certainty and Overconfidence in Future Preferences for Food, Journal of Economic Psychology, 51, 101-113



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