AgriFood Report 2014:1

Origin labelling of food - costs and benefits of new EU legislation for Sweden

Authors: Cecilia Carlsson  Helena Johansson  Carl-Johan Lagerkvist  Kristian Sundström  Fredrik Wilhelmsson 

This report analyses how extended mandatory origin labelling affects consumers, producers and international trade in food products. The focus is on Sweden and on a number of representative products which may be covered by mandatory origin labelling in the EU in the future.

Origin labelling provides consumers with information on which geographical area the foodstuff comes from. Origin labelling is currently mandatory for a limited number of food products according to common EU rules. According to EU Regulation 1169/2011, the EU Commission is to evaluate whether mandatory origin labelling should be extended to a broader range of products.

The overall conclusion is that voluntary origin labelling is sufficient for the investigated products, and that there is no need for compulsory regulation. A potential exception is yoghurt, where mandatory country-of-origin labelling of the ingredient milk could possibly bring additional value to society.


Cecilia Carlsson

Helena Johansson

Carl-Johan Lagerkvist

Kristian Sundström

Fredrik Wilhelmsson

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