Anna Andersson, PhD


Anna Andersson has a PhD in economics from Lund University with emphasis on international economics. Anna mainly works with economic analyses of international trade but also with questions concerning certification of food products and evaluations of the EU Rural Development Policies.

Anna has a personal website which you can access here.

Does fishery activity affect local tourism? Evidence from Denmark, Marine Policy, Volume 161, 106051
Nutrient policies and the performance of aquaculture in developed countries – a literature review, Aquaculture Economics and Management
Interactions between Fisheries and Tourism in the Nordic Countries, Rapport TemaNord 2023:518, Nordiska rådet
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The effect of eco-certification on demand: the case of MSC-certified Norway lobster
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Evaluation of results and adaptation of EU Rural Development Programmes
Societal concerns – Domestic policy choices and international competitiveness



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