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Cost-effective reduction of nitrogen and phosphorous emissions to the Baltic Sea. WP2 Policy Brief, BONUS TOOLS2SEA.

Authors: Anna Andersson  Mark Brady  Johanna Pohjola 

Eutrophication is destroying the unique Baltic Sea ecosystem. To improve water quality, emissions of the nutrients nitrogen and phosphorous must be radically reduced. As considerable costs are associated with reducing nutrient emissions while resources are scarce, it is crucial to consider cost effectiveness when designing nutrient reduction targets. Finding the solution that gives the most nutrient abatement to the least cost for society is also likely to increase the political feasibility of restoring the sea to a healthy state.

Download the Policy Brief as a PDF file: Policy Brief

The results in the Policy Brief are based on a published article: How unnecessarily high abatement costs and unresolved distributional issues undermine nutrient reductions to the Baltic Sea, Ambio


Anna Andersson

Mark Brady

Johanna Pohjola