Policies for preserving semi-natural pasture

An increasing amount of attention has lately been directed towards the issue of preserving semi-natural pasture, which is motivated by the particular importance of this land type for biodiversity and threatened species. Semi-natural pasture is most common in Swedish mixed-forestry and mixed-farming regions, where agricultural land is more fragmented, field size is smaller and large areas are forested.

The area of semi-natural pasture has radically declined over the past century. In an effort to halt this development a number of policies have been established, for example within the common agricultural policy, CAP.

The agricultural simulation model AgriPolis will be used to analyse future development of semi-natural pasture in Sweden under current and alternative policies, with particular focus on variations in biological quality. The policies will be analysed in the context of target achievement and cost efficiency.

An initial descriptive analysis of the stock of semi-natural pasture is conducted in the fall of 2018. The entire project will be concluded in spring 2020.

Responsible: Mark Brady 


Mark Brady

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