Better agri-food trade modelling for policy analysis (BATMODEL)

The overall goal of the project is to develop new trade modelling tools, equipped for the analysis of 21st-century trade issues with a focus on agriculture and food to support policy analysis. These developments will be provided through interchangeable modules. The aim of the new modules is to improve specific models, and more generally types of model, widely used in the assessment of agri-food trade. The improvements will lead to better account for currently neglected issues such as non-tariff measures, products with protected geographical indication, zero trade flows, and quality differentiation.

The role of AgriFood Economics Centre is to revise the trade model that is integral to the modelling system CAPRI. In particular, we will develop methods that allow trade to arise where none is previously observed, following e.g. removal of a prohibitive trade barrier, or vice versa. We will also look further into how global trade changes trickle down into agriculture at regional level within the EU.

The project runs for four years until 2024.

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