Ecosystem services in the Scanian agricultural landscape. CEC Syntes Nr 01. Biologiska institutionen samt Centrum för miljö- och klimatforskning, Lunds universitet.

Authors: Mark Brady  Juliana Dänhardt  Henrik G Smith  Katarina Hedlund  m. fl. 

Ecosystem services provided by agricultural landscapes are necessary for sustainable agriculture and benefit society at large. Behind these services lie ecological processes that depend on interactions among a variety of organisms. Scanian agriculture has undergone significant changes which have affected the landscape and habitat for many of organisms. To preserve and manage ecosystem services requires an understanding of the relationships between agriculture, landscape and ecosystem processes.

This report is a compilation of existing knowledge of some of the most important ecosystem services generated in agricultural landscapes with a focus on Scania. The research that underlies the report was conducted in Scania or other regions with similar conditions for agriculture. The report focuses on the ecological processes and relationships that form the basis of agro-ecosystem services, but also provides an overview of the concept of "ecosystem services" and, where possible, describes ways to evaluate their contribution to the welfare of society.

The report is in Swedish.


Mark Brady

Juliana Dänhardt

Henrik G Smith

Katarina Hedlund

m. fl.