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Staying or leaving? The effects of university availability on educational choices and rural depopulation, Papers in Regional Science

Författare: Ida Lovén  Cecilia Hammarlund  Martin Nordin 

Universities are often viewed as engines of local economic growth that could mitigate rural depopulation. However, university studies might make individuals more prone to move. We explore this issue in a quasi-experiment arising due to a sudden reduction in the number of student places at a regional university in northern Sweden in 1998. We find that the reduction in student places affected both educational choices and long-term migration. Women studied at a university further from home and became more mobile, while men neither studied nor moved. Also, to study at a distant university had a larger impact on migration than studies nearby. This heterogeneity contributes to the understanding of how education affects migration from rural areas.


Ida Lovén

Cecilia Hammarlund

Martin Nordin