AgriFood Working Paper 2021:1

Is a shortage of manure a constraint to organic farming?

Författare: Martin Nordin 

This study uses Swedish data to examine if the availability of nearby manure is an important determinant of organic uptake. We calculate farms’ N balance of manure (animals production of N relative to N use in crop and forage production) and use coordinates to aggregate neighbors’ N balances. In plain districts, we find that a standard deviation change in the within-1km N balance of manure increases the probability of being organic with 11%. A smaller impact is found for other districts and for the within 2-3 km N balance of manure. Thus, our findings suggest that a further expansion of organic farming relies, partly, on an expansion of livestock production. Paradoxically, however, to alleviate the environmental impact of agriculture - the goal of organic production - livestock production is, preferably, reduced.

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Martin Nordin