Structural Adjustment and Regulation of Nordic Fisheries until 2025, TemaNord 2018:547.

Författare: Max Nielsen  Staffan Waldo  Cecilia Hammarlund  Ayoe Hoff  Rasmus Nielsen  Peder Andersen  Daði Már Kristófersson  Hordur Sævaldsson  Jarno Virtanen  Jari Setälä  Kristin Roll  Frank Asche  Heri á Rógvi  Hans Ellefsen 

Fishery policies are broadly debated in the Nordic countries, focusing on balancing biological concern of fish stocks, economic return to society and coastal communities’ interests. Market Based Fisheries Management is used in several Nordic countries today and is at the core of these debates. While it by many is considered a powerful tool that works towards ensuring improved economy of fisheries, it is also considered a controversial tool.

In this report we analyse and forecast the structural development of selected Nordic Market Based Managed fisheries until 2025. Our results suggest that continued use of Market Based Fisheries Management will increase socioeconomic returns and profits towards 2025 substantially.


Max Nielsen

Staffan Waldo

Cecilia Hammarlund

Ayoe Hoff

Rasmus Nielsen

Peder Andersen

Daði Már Kristófersson

Hordur Sævaldsson

Jarno Virtanen

Jari Setälä

Kristin Roll

Frank Asche

Heri á Rógvi

Hans Ellefsen