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Economic and environmental effects of replacing bottom trawling with fishing with creels, The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Författare: Cecilia Hammarlund  Patrik Jonsson  Daniel Valentinsson  Staffan Waldo 

Bottom trawling is associated with negative external effects such as seafloor pressure and high fuel use. Replacing bottom trawls with passive gear, such as creels, is therefore interesting for policymakers. We investigate the response of the Norway lobster fishery in Sweden to an expanded creel area. Using an economic model (FishRent), we analyse fleet structure, net present value and two environmental indicators under five management scenarios. Our results show that expanding the creel area increases the number of creel fishers, while some trawlers leave the fishery. In total, the net present value and the environmental performance of the fishery improve.


Cecilia Hammarlund

Patrik Jonsson

Daniel Valentinsson

Staffan Waldo