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Understanding farm generational renewal and its influencing factors in Europe, Journal of Rural Studies

Författare: Isabeau Coopmans  Joost Dessein  Francesco Accatino  Federico Antonioli  Daniele Bertolozzi-Caredio  Camelia Gavrilescu  Piotr Gradziuk  Gordana Manevska-Tasevska  Miranda Meuwissen  Mariya Peneva  Andrea Petitt  Julie Urquhart  Erwin Wauters 

Understanding the complex process of generational renewal (GR) in agriculture is essential for supporting the continuation of farming. This paper demonstrates how multiple factors, simultaneously and through their mutual interactions, influence GR and related individual decision-making processes. Results originated from 155 in- depth interviews performed on 85 farms in eleven European regions, and were triangulated with the litera-ture. Our analysis, combining inductive and deductive approaches, revealed three conceptual phases (successor identity formation, farm succession process, and farm development) and fourteen factors important to under-stand GR. We elaborate how these factors interact, hence exert their impact on (one of) the phases in a complex and variable way. Implications highlight potential pitfalls and opportunities for attracting people into agricul-ture. Although policy-makers should be aware of their limited ability to affect GR by targeting the first phase, we propose some ideas that would complement current existing measures acting on the third phase.

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Isabeau Coopmans

Joost Dessein

Francesco Accatino

Federico Antonioli

Daniele Bertolozzi-Caredio

Camelia Gavrilescu

Piotr Gradziuk

Bild på medarbetare: Gordana Manevska-Tasevska. Foto.
Gordana Manevska-Tasevska

Miranda Meuwissen

Mariya Peneva

Andrea Petitt

Julie Urquhart

Erwin Wauters